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I took him over to the shelter to see if anyone had any ideas.. well plenty of ideas but in all honesty you couldn't see anything physically wrong with him. We did like a biopsy thing of his stomach to see if he had any fluid in there.. a bit came out but it was likely just a bit of urine or whatever. The vet wasn't there today but another girl who is pre-vet helped me out alot.. she has a degree in biology so while not a vet she knows her stuff.

So no obvious signs of anything... left a message for Timmys doctor to give me a call back and see what he wants to do. I have some broad spectrum de-wormers to use and see if any of that can help my other fosters.. just as a preventative. I'll try and get a fecal done this week on everyone and see if we can find anything. If it was anything it was likely intestinal because there were no other signs of anything other then the weight loss/lethargy and all my fosters have had some loose stools here and there, but nothing major to concern me.. but they may infact be carrying something we don't know about and it hit him hard.

I'll let you guys know if we find anything out. I highly doubt it though. It could be anything from FIP to a blood disorder or kidney disorder... If it was FIP it was the dry kind.. no idea.. I am hoping to give him a proper burial today or if Timmys vet wants to do a necropsy just incase... then after that. I'm just worried if it's something contagious but I doubt it...
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