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Thanks.. it just happened so fast. I had to work all weekend but the vets were all off anyways... i tried getting ahold of a local vets office that had a pager number on their website.

I'm searching online for more about failure to thrive and fading kitten syndrome... i really feel like that's what it was. He just.. he was just perfectly fine. It was just like one day someone flipped a switch and he turned into this sad little kitten who really just wanted to be left alone. I had him looked at and talked to vets.. but I felt like a pain in the butt because I already had one kitten with a really rare condition and now all of a sudden my other kitten is suddenly sick.. i felt like people were going to think I was like that munchausen by proxy thing. But I did start asking questions over a week ago and started giving people a heads up...

It just happened so so quick... I mean earlier this night I figured he would make it to later today to go to a vets office or atleast until tuesday so I could get him back to the shelter.

Here he is from some fairly recent photos-

how does a kitten go from that to a sack of bones that can't even lift his head!?!
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