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Originally Posted by kathryn View Post
I just feel beyond terrible. I feel like a failure.
OMG PLEASE Nooooooooo!!!! You must not feel like that, please! This whole litter and the Mama would have died if you had not taken them in.

I have read many many of your postings and failure is not a word that I would use...ANGEL is more accurate!!!!

S*%T repeat over and over that he lost the will to can't do more than force feed. Poor little soul...he is at peace now.

I understand you are upset but please don't be too hard on yourself.

His brother would never have made it if you had not gone allthe extra miles to have him operated. The recent pics of him are precious

Please try to get some sleep and concentrate on all you HAVE done. It is repeated often on this site, sad but can't save them all
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