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I've had him since he was a week old. He and his siblings + mom were just my foster kittens from a local shelter. His other brother was the one with the rare congenital heart defect.. and I have no idea what happaned to him

I'm SOOO upset though. He was just kind of depressed for the past 2-3 weeks.. but really had no other symptoms. He figured he was just a bit different. I let the shelter know about him pretty much right away that he was a bit depressed. I had him looked at this past Wednesday and there was nothing physically wrong with him other then being kinda skinny and a bit de-hydrated. We started him on meds..

He just.. had NO will to live. It was just like he wanted to kill himself!! I don't know why!!! starting just this weekend he didn't want to eat as much and just yesterday when I got home from work he lost a ton of weight and muscle tone.... he was still alert though. I just checked on him around 1am and he was still okay. He just refused to eat at this point and when I force fed him he wouldn't even swallow it. He had enough energy to fight with us about eating or taking his meds... which i find strange.

He just apparently didn't want to live :sad: I really don't have any way to put it. He had no URI... no major problems at all. He was a perfectly well taken care of kitten. His siblings are just fine too! Even the heart surgery one!

I just feel beyond terrible. I feel like a failure.
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