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3 month old kitten with failure to thrive

Ugh. Of course! I mean, the sickly animals can just smell me a mile away right?

Anyways, one of Timmy's siblings is doing very poorly now. He had been acting a bit depressed recently but this weekend he is refusing to eat. I've been force feeding him but its too the point where he is refusing to swallow the food. He's gotten very thin recently. I took him to see the shelter vet on Wednesday and we put everyone on Panacur incase any wormies were in there making him sick. He finished that last night and still.. nothing...

His teeth are kind of an odd yellow color... not normal.... his gums are pale. He has sad droopy eyes and they are getting kind of dried out. There really seems to be no reason for this. It's honestly as if he is doing it to himself like to commit suicide!! It's scary! He's just acting very weird and now this weekend he is really going downhill.

I can get him to see a vet only as early as tuesday morning.. no other vets are around tomorrow.. I think he will be okay as I am force feeding him a slurry like with timmy...

Is it possibly that even at a little over 3 months he could just be doing the fading kitten thing? I see it all the time but he is a little old. We are going to pull some blood on him and see if we can see if there is anything wrong that way.

He is still alert... but he honestly is acting like he WANTS to die!! WHY?!?! Does anyone know what I can do!? He's already been seen by the vet and just like with Timmy we can't 'see' anything wrong with him... he just is like.. blahhh...

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