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Originally Posted by MommaKat View Post
I have not been on for a few days so I just spotted this and read it from start to finish. I teared up often at your disbelief and frustration. I know I don't post much lately (I tend to peruse folks threads) but I have the utmost respect for you and the other rescuers on . DH and I are not ready to foster yet, but we will be some day (soon we hope) and when we are you are going to be one of many I will be sending a PM to full of questions. This is a wonderful community we have here.

I will be sending lots of and for you and Peaches .
When you are ready for one of the most rewarding things in life, please do PM. There are so many of us that will have such pleasure helping you every step of the way.

I guarantee you will never forget it. We cannot save them all sadly, but that one we do save is one more that has defeated all the odds - thanks to people who take that extra step to make this a better world. I cannot wait for you to experience that feeling - be careful - it's addictive!

The basic ingredients is a good rescue, good people to surround you in case, and great advice here at pets. I have learned so much here, and I have surrounded myself with knowledgeable and wonderful people behind this screen. They have kept me sain, optimistic and I keep learning. This is the BEST community!
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