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Without being able to see the crusty bumps, my experience tells me that a visit to an emergency clinic is not necessary. This could be symptomatic of some sort of allergy, or maybe a congenital issue - I couldn't really say, as I am not a Vet. Although home remedies can often work well, I'm not sure Neosporin is the way to go, because this clearly sounds as though this is NOT a surface wound, and topical treatments will not remedy an internal health problem/issue.

I too, have a HuskyX, and she has had skin issues her entire life, but nothing that has interfered with her quality of life! One thing I can tell you for sure, is that there is definitely an infection, and the draining of the toxins are causing the "crustiness". It's great that you will be seeing your Vet soon, and I am certain that he/she will have real answers for you!

Good Luck!
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