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Thumbs up Treats are Bribery?

Clicker training is not bribery. The clicker is a "shaper" and the treats help to shape the behaviour you want to mark as correct.

Just because your dog is working for treats doesn't mean he doesn't love you. What motivates humans to work? Isn't it money, fun, happiness, etc.? What's fun and like currency to a dog? I would say it is food, recognition for doing a good job, praise, and the love of their human/pack leader.

The best way to reward good behaviour is a food treat because it is a shared resource. Your dog doesn't know that you don't also eat the same food as he does. He thinks you are sharing your food with him. That is pack mentality.

To get a really good idea of what clicker training is all about I would recommend the book by Karen Pryor called "Don't Shoot the Dog". She is the pioneer of clicker training and the book is not only a book for dogs but for all aspects of life in general. It's all about positive training and how being positive works faster and more efficiently than all other methods.

Of course, like humans, dogs are as individual as well. Clicker training is perfect for most dogs but perhaps not for an extreme alpha dog or a dog that is food aggressive. For abused, shy or insecure dogs, clicker training works wonders. I would choose the method of training that most corresponds to your beliefs, values and personality as well as your dog.
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