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Hey all,

So far so good with Angus. We've had almost 4 days without problems. I finally picked up the Cosequin at the vet's yesterday after a delay in the shipment, so I'm excited to get him started on that.

We did not use the Metacam, I'm going to give it back to the vet for disposal.

We definitely think that in addition to the cystitis, something was amiss in the laundry room. We've been spending alot of time with him down there and his demeanour has definitely changed from wary earlier this week, to confidence by this weekend. We're finding consistent pees in box and more poops too, I think he was holding those as long as he could.

For future reference, here's a breakdown of the changes we made in house after he was checked over by the vet to rule out any problems. Hopefully this will help someone else.

-vet check

-wet food only (no more dry for snacking)

-added cranberry supplement to diet

-added cosequin to diet

-put feliway diffusers on every floor (not by the litter box though)

-gave the litter area a good cleaning

-changed the type of litter from pine to a fine clay with Cat Attract in it.

-modified the litterboxes (we use high rubbermaid bins) by cutting out one side so it was easier for him to jump in and out (He really likes this, now he can have his upper body out of the box while he's doing his business)

-removed door flap on cat door so he'd have better visibility coming and going from laundry room.

-made him feel at ease in the laundryroom by hanging out in there with him, and giving him lots of praise and petting when he did his business in the box.

-we made it impossible for him to pee in his preferred inappropriate places by keeping doors closed and covering furniture in pastic when not in use.

-thoroughly cleaning anything that he had previously peed on so that he won't return to the same spot.

I'll let ya'll know how we do this coming week, keep your fingers crossed that he does well.

Thanks for all the help, I would have gone crazy without it!!
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