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Just Popping In

Howdy folks .....

I'm at a friend's place using her computer so I can let you know that I don't know how long it will be before I can get back here since my computer isn't working. :sad: I've had so many blue screen of death messages that I think I've come back from the dead.

A neighbour told me that I'm going to have to reinstall my Windows XP but my PCs for Dummies book says that all problems are fixable and you should never have to reinstall. I have no idea how to reinstall anyway so I may as well try to solve the problem .....I always have liked a challenge.

I just googled the error messages I got and they both mention one of the causes can be memory related or else a hardware or software installation problem or a virus. I had previously been getting lots of messages for awhile now that the virtual memory was low ....I know I have the same problem with my own memory so maybe it's contagious. Also, someone here told me it was nothing to worry about as windows would swap files or something like that but now I'm wondering if that really could be the reason why I'm getting the BSOD messages now.

Anyways, when I get home I'm going to put it into safe mode and run all my AV and Spyware programs and uninstall the Windows Desktop Search thing that I accidently installed and see if that helps.

If anyone knows anything about the memory thing please post it here ....I told my friend that I'll be coming to visit here more often now. Good thing she's like me.

Miss you all and hope to be back soon.
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