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I think we are all her guardian angels. She has such fight in her it's unbelieveable. The vet is amazed as to how this dog survived in the first place. It is troublesome to know that someone out there let this happen willingly and knowingly just to turn a profit. I am so very happy to know that her life will change for the better. She WILL be loved, she will thrive in this lifetime and get to be just a normal dog. No more pain and suffering. She so deserves the very best. Peaches is just a wonderful little girl and seeing her last night was very upsetting but I know she knows that she is in good hands. She had 2 IVs, monitors and equipment around her, but when she heard my voice, she lifted her little head and looked at me. I just wanted to grab her in my arms and hold her close. Instead I touched her little head and kissed her. I am certain she knows that she is going to be ok.

I am anxiously watching the clock to call this morning. I need to know that everything is ok. I need to know that she is coming home soon. I am at the edge of my seat.
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