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I was exhausted yesterday so I asked Frenchy to give you an update on Peaches' status. Indeed, 2 pups were already dead, another stuck and not responding in the birthing canal and the other appeared normal. The pups were of larger breed so there was no way she would have survived a natural birth. She had no milk at all - dry which is unusual as she was actually very close. The pups were humanly euthanized as there was no choice at all.

6 teeth were extracted all rotted right to the root. The vet has never seen such a horrific case of neglect. She is convinced that this is a puppymill dog or a BYB situation. She was heartbroken for this girl and kept me up to date on everything. Before surgery, they brought me a nice Cafe Latte, and went the process once again. Also, one of our volunteers (LOVE YOU), had her dog all ready in case blood was required. Everyone was there.

The day dragged forever. I was in and out just to check. She is completely out of it as you can imagine but she did recognize my voice.

If all goes well, she should be home by Monday night. Believe it or not, this little girl has touched so many hearts, so many people! The vet is very protective of her and reprimanded one of her staff who said she was ugly with the tongue that will hang out. Boy did she get it!

So thank you all so very much for your support. You have individually touched me profoundly. I realize that this is more than just a internet community - though I have never met most of you, I know how much you truly have an animals best interest at heart. YOU GUYS ROCK! Love you all so very much. Thank you.

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