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Peaches update !

I just got off the phone with BM , she is very busy and knows everyone is waiting for this update so she asked me to post that ....

Peaches is ok ! But , the next 24 hours are crucial. She had 2 dead pups inside her , one in the birth canal , 2 others had to be put to sleep , so the operation saved Peaches's life !!

BM stayed and checked up Peaches all day. At the end of the day , Peaches was awake shaking , had heating pads and blankets all over her. Everyone at the vet clinic are taking special care of her. They also took out very very rotten teeth , so she only has 2 left now. She is also anemic , which is no surprise. Vet said this little dog was a real fighter , to be so underweight , old , pregnant , very bad shape , but fighting for her life.

BM will be able to pick her up on Monday

so keep good thoughts coming

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