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Originally Posted by luvsmallfurries View Post
Yeti: the bird, the rabbit, my feet...... he's a "if it's moving I'm chasing it" kind of guy - I have a very small remote controlled car that he chases around forever!

Sparks: anything that dangles and bounces around or that can be dragged across the floor........

Have fun! I have to bring my husband to the pet store with me to keep myself from buying one of everything!
Ooooooo the remote control car? Now I would love that. We actually had a motion mouse, that blinked and made noise and would go in the opposite direction when it hit something. But Willie kept sitting on it after he had grown up and sort of ummm burnt out the motor.

Originally Posted by ownedbycats View Post
I found this toy that our cats love. It's about six feet of inch wide fleece attached to a plastic stick. it kind of floats down when you flick it up in the air or you can drag it along the ground. I think i got it at Zellers, but you could probably make something similar with fleece and a piece of dowel.
I was at zellers, but I didn't see that one.

Originally Posted by maneater View Post
my cats fav toys, are my sons foam blocks, feathers from the craft table, mittins/socks from the laundry basket, and trying to catch the fish in the fish tank.
LOL...willie caught one of the fish from the fish tank so he isn't allowed in that room anymore. Only when the fish is outside in the pond for the summer.

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