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Originally Posted by heart433 View Post
I have a feeling this is just behaviour or heat-related. Where should I start though, a general consultation or bloodwork or something else?

Yuki hasn't been under an kind of stress, I've been away for a week before and my neighbour never noticed anything unusual (they own cats too*).

(And never pick up my other cats by the scruff of the neck, it's just that Molly weights about 4lbs. and I raise her just enough to get my hand under her back feet. She's instantly playful if you touch her belly and brings out the claws and teeth)

*You should see their kitchen-table cat, he's going blind but he has the biggest eyes I've ever seen, they're practically googlie and he's such a sweetie.

Unfortunately your neighbour was not with your cats 24/7 when you were away. So they don't know/can't tell if anything happened at some point over the week you were away.
If it is behavioural then you need to see the vet and tell her/him what is going on. You can phone your vet with your concerns and they can decide what tests to run/ meds, etc. If it is heat related then nothing will change until the poor girl is fixed. Have you called either of the places I gave you numbers for in your area?
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