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Thanks for all your good thoughts, and all the advice has been so great. I've definitely implemented alot of the suggestions. I don't think I could have made it through this without you guys

Even though I won't be putting him on the Metacam, I'd still like to get a better picture of what might be going on inside his little guts. Growler mentioned kidney infections etc... so some bloodwork might just rule out some things that the urinalysis didn't pick up.

I hung out with Angus in the laundry room again today and helped him relax, he didn't pee for me but he was rubbing things and rolling around, sniffing and exploring. I left for a few hours and when I came back he was just going through the kitty door. I quietly watched him while he did a very long pee in the litter box. I gave him lots of praise and scritches when he was done.

2 days no accidents.

I also started adding Solid Gold Very Berry powder to his wet food, so maybe that's helping.

Rustycat, I have asked the vet about buprenorphine, she's working on getting it, but is having difficulty finding proper dosing for cats, I think. It's not one they have ever used or worked with at their practice.

As for being intimidated by the vet, I was at first when we originally had issues with Angus a few years ago, but I did my research and wouldn't give in and I think I created awareness about nutrition with her. She's thanked me on several occasions for keeping her on her toes. I like to think I'm providing a valuable service to the vet, challenging her to look further instead of just maintaining status quo.
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