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Giving my baby to my family

Because my families older cat has cancer and won't be around much longer and my family keeps telling me that they aren't giving my cat back to me, I decided to let them have her for good. It kinda makes me sad, because she is my little social butterfly sweetheart and I will miss her, but I think my family needs her more than me. I was shocked when even my dad said that he didn't want to give her back to me, because he was very opposed to getting another animal, but I think she will be the one to help the family heal from the loss of the other kitty. Surprisingly both of the kitties get along and Annabelle has a baby for the last little bit of her life. She was never able to be a mommy and I think she likes having a baby now (my kitty is only about 5 months old). I will miss her, but it's what needed to happen.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

Andy (dog)-birthday October 16, 2007
Sophie (cat)-birthday March 20 2009
Annabelle (cat)-passed away March 2010
Missy (cat)-not sure when her birthday is, she was a rescue

Andy lives with my cousin in New Mexico, the cat's live in Missouri with my parents. All are very loved

*Rip Michael, we will all love and miss you very much. Love ya bud*
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