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This is an aside to what's happening here, as you may well be on to an answer.

Originally Posted by Stacer View Post
I did pick up the Metacam today, but I can't bring myself to give it to him. I emailed my vet and told her I wont be giving it to him and if we could find a safer alternative....
Sugarcatmom has said
Buprenex (aka buprenorphine) is available in Canada, but maybe not through normal veterinary sources. I think my vet said she gets it compounded at a human pharmacy
so, perhaps you might suggest that to your Vet - or, if there is a compounding pharmacy nearby, maybe call them and inquire. Frankly, I admire that you are able to be assertive when it comes to working with your Vet in the management of Angus' health. So too often, the "intimidation by authority" factor takes over, sometimes to the detriment of our little ones.

Originally Posted by Stacer View Post
I also told her I'd like to do some tests to check his kidneys just to rule out anything there...
and sugarcatmom had also said
...While there are lots of cats that do use it without issue, it has been known to cause or exacerbate kidney damage. I'd use the smallest dose possible, and if you plan to use it for any length of time, have blood work...done regularly
The myth that bloodwork will tell you whether/not METACAM has damaged the kidneys needs to be dispelled - and quick! The FACTS are that standard "bloodwork" won't show (pardon my language) a bloody thing, until 60-75% of a cat's kidney function has already been destroyed. Only specialized tests (link) (most often unavailable to the average kitty parent) may indicate some loss of kidney function.

I want to say this: your love and commitment for and to Angus--- is beyod evidential - it is profound. Hang in there....I believe the solution is close.
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