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Stacer I am so sorry your having to go through this! That is the same thing Tabitha was diagnosed with. I was given 2 ways to treat it!

1) Pheramones
2) Oral Prozac type drug! (because they beleive she has behavoural issues as well)

We chose the pheramones and they have been working up until a couple of weeks ago and she started her rampage on Winston again.

Tabitha decided it was okay to pee in Winston's crate. It has a large rubber I have had to lock up that room because if we leave the door open she goes and does it! Poor boy cant even lay in his crate!

I am darned thankful it is only with Winston and not on our things but it is still really frustrating. We havent been able to pinpoint what provokes her if it is behavioural!

Good luck mf !
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