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Originally Posted by TacoGrl View Post
You would be amazed what you can strap to the hood and trunk of a small car!
Ok, I will bring some heavy rope! LOL

Originally Posted by 14+kitties View Post
That would have been me. I've attached a pic of the top of the toy. It has an elastic string on it. I can't remember the original toy. It has been replaced a few times. Kitties love it.
Thanks, I will see if the pet store has anything like that.

Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Sweet Pea's : a piece of fleece that is about 6 inches long and tied in a knot (from a vet clinic)

Jasper: small furry balls and the grey or white small mice.

Puddles: tennis balls

Rose: Feather stick. balls? really? Oh we have those. There is a tennis court across the street and quite a few land in my gardens. LOL Tegan plays with them, but I didn't know kitties like they too.

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