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I did pick up the Metacam today, but I can't bring myself to give it to him. I emailed my vet and told her I wont be giving it to him and if we could find a safer alternative. I also told her I'd like to do some tests to check his kidneys just to rule out anything there. I'll probably try out the 'cantharis and the other things that Growler mentioned. I'm picking up the Cosequin tomorrow as well.

So far so good today. One incident in the night last night, another pee on the plastic covering the sofa. I woke up to take an advil and took a look around to see if he'd done anything and there it was pooled on the plastic.

I had an interesting thing happen after work today. Angus greeted me at the door and I decided to bring him into the laundry room to hang out and observe him. I petted him and chatted, at first he was wary of the room, sniffing around like he was freaked out. After he relaxed and was rolling around on the floor, I picked him up and placed him in the litter box. I scratched around in it, then he peed!! it was weird, he started off in the pee crouch then was fully standing in the box by the end. I'm just thrilled he did it in the box and gave him lots of praise and lovins. DH did the same later, and Angus gave him a poop.

We're no where near out of the woods, but this is a tiny wee little bit of progress. I'm wondering if something has happened in the laundry room to freak him out. He was wary of the cat door going into the room as well. We took the flap door off so he can have better visibility going in and out, hopefully it makes a difference.
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