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Hi, thanks for the responses and the discussion about Ceasar Millan. I think I realized while reading/watching him that he's got some special talent/skill that not everyone can reproduce, so I'll take what seems to work from him and try different methods for what doesn't

Back to my problem. I now realize that his pulling problem is probably completely related to his fear of large trucks and bins. My wife tells me that a couple of months ago she and the dog were standing on the corner and a large truck blew a tire making a loud noise. There might possibly have been a recycling bin nearby, but that's just speculation.

So, my question now is how to help him get over this fear.

My first thought is to take him to a construction site (maybe on recycling day) where there are a lot of trucks and let him work things out for himself, using treats whenever it appears that he stops acting fearful. I would do it for just a few minutes at first and then for longer and longer periods of time.

That makes sense to my mind, but I have no experience with this. Any thoughts/suggestions.
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