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The "What are you reading" Thread


On another forum we have a thread to post about the books we are reading and if there good we recomend them.. Thought that would be fun here too!

I just finished reading "HeartStopper" by Joy Fielding..

Aside from the Twilight series.. It was the,

Its about a serial killer in a small town.

My mom recomended it to me after reading it because I like books with murder and a bit of mystery and love.

When I first started reading it. I thought my mom was crazy. The character was Sadistic.. Freaked me out a little at first.

Once I got into it I stayed up until 8 am to finish it. I literally couldnt put it down.

It was filled with little twists, and kept you guessing and trying to solve the crime. But the twist at the end is.. Just.. wow.. I still cannot beleive what happened.. I got SO into the book.. Its great. I recomend it to everybody. Even if they dont like murder books (My mom dont but she loved it)..

Im about to start "Dark Desires" by Eve Silver.. Mom tells me it takes place back in the old days and has a bit of murder.. She didnt know if I should be reading it because it does have a bit of Smutt in it (I can only roll my eyes at my mothers attempts.. seriously, im a teenager, I know all about these sorts of things all ready)

Anybody read it before? Like it?

When Im done I'll update

In the mean time.. Can anybody recomend some good murder/mystery/love books rolled into one? lol.. I guess murder and mystery is all one thing.
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