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Welcome to and congrats on your new addition .

We've recently adopted an 11 year old dog as well. At that age, especially the larger breeds, they do slow down considerably. Our Toby also didn't have an appetite + had diarrhea. I think a lot of it has to do with transitioning to a new home (it can't be easy for the older fellas :sad. In Toby's case, he also had considerable pain from his arthritis.

Have you had your dog's stool examined to eliminate the possibility of intestinal parasites? Did the vet do a thorough physical to determine if he's in any pain?

I would also recommend sticking to one food, preferably one without corn and too much wheat...we're feeding Orijen Senior. I cook several days worth of beef and rice or chicken and rice stew and add it to his meals every time. He won't eat dry kibble alone but he now devours everything if 1/2 cup of stew is added to it. At their ages, I believe they've earned the right to be spoiled with whatever will encourage them to eat .
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