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Dog Digestion Problems - please help

Hi all,

I recently adopted a 12 year old staff mix and since the moment I brought him home he has had problems with food digestion and/or appetite. The first week he came home I anticipated a transition period and he did eventually begin to eat and have regular bowel movements (although I did take him to the vet to have blood work done and all came back clear). He seemed to be doing well on the Innova Senior dry food but within several weeks he lost his appetite again and began having diarrhea once again. I was advised by the vet to feed white rice and boiled chicken and this did indeed entice him to eat. He ate his kibble again for a few weeks and then the same thing happened. Once again we were off to the vet with no real answers being provided (I've gone to two different vets).

I started to think it was the food so I switched to an allergy formula which he ate without problem - until about a week ago when the cyle began again. As a result of the digestion issues he becomes lethargic and tires much more easily. I just don't know what to do anymore? I am so worried. I would tremendously appreciate any advice or suggestions you may be able to provide.

Thanks kindly!

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