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I think you need to speak to a Homeopath vet to find all the root causes of the allergies and any other issues contributing to the itchiness, instead of just trying a remedy that might not be the most effective/appropriate one. The Homeopath vet might also have a remedy that will counter-act the build up of meds in her system from the past several years.

I can't find a listing for a Homeopath vet in Quebec but you can try these in Ont:

Chidiac Animal Hospital
Barbara Ann Chidiac DVM
Hillsdale ONT
(705) 835-7005 2003

Kempenfelt Veterinary Services
Stephen Choles DVM
Hillsdale ONT
(705) 321-9924

Park Avenue Veterinary Services
Bianca Ferenczy DVM
Guelph ONT
(519) 763-6252
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