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Tape worms and Advantage Multi


My dog appears to have tape worms when I brought him in to the vet and they looked at the stool sample and they told me the worms they could see were nothing to worry about and that Advantage Multi would take care of it.

It has been 3 weeks now and I still see worms crawling around his bum and regularily in his stool (especially in the mornings). I don't really want to bring him on to the vet again and pay another $100.00 to be advised that it is OK and Advantage will take care of it (and have a crazy customer note on my file). I am pretty certain that I am seeing tape worm segments and not any other form of worm. From my research, on Advantage multi, it can help to prevent tape worms by stopping flea infestations - but it appears to not kill tape worms which seem to have the lifespan of years.....

Can I deworm my dog while he is on advantage multi? Or is he OK and I just need to wait it out?

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