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Originally Posted by aslan View Post
now BM if everyone you ever jacked posted on here, this would be one loooong thread.

k now seriously, when my moms one pupper lost teeth with age, we fed her cooked ground beef and rice, or ground chicken and rice. For a small dog it makes several meals, you can freeze it and just heat it at meal time.
True enough Aslan - and we could start a new jack the joy thread. See I just threadjacked it again...

I think you and others are right. I believe that this is the best economically for me and it will be good for her to. I don't even know what her medical status is right now so I don't know if she will live long or not. I just want her pain free and to eat yummy stuff. I want the old gal to 'live it up' and know that she will always have food, live the rest of her life without pain and to be comfortable. She's pretty cool! I just want her to feel like she hit gold.
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