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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
Of course it may, she may have a crack or exposed nerve. The poor girl.
No doubt L4H. The gums have recinded to the point where the teeth are just hanging. One tug and they are gone. Her jaw is also angled so who knows if this was genetic or a swift kick.

All I know is that I want the very very best for her. I want her senior years to be the greatest thing ever so that she forgets the past. Her nails were so long they were circled. She has had it rough yet maintains such trust.

Even Julia that is not the most welcoming with dogs, did not react negatively at all to her. Julia is teaching her to go up and down stairs, play with 'babies' and ask for yummy treats. She is just the most adorable dog. I just want to get past the next few days and find out where we stand. The food and feeding is my priority for now. Anyways - vet visit tomorrow.

Hey I highjacked my own thread...that was fun (and acceptable because I said so.
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