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Originally Posted by di0rme View Post
hello everyone,

thanks for all your input!! I will be visiting the vet on Monday but seeing a different doctor. I really hope it isn't ACL. I really thought this doc knew what she was doing. Hmmm, we'll see.

I will keep you all posted. Thanks again!
Although your vet may be very good at general practice kinds of things - she may not see enough ACL injuries to be able to see it in an xray. Also, the physical exam procedures to diagnose ACL have to be performed on a sedated dog. My dog also did not show any signs of pain - the ortho vets said that she was the toughest dog they'd ever seen, that she had been in serious pain for quite a while. I too was very irate that my normal vet had not correctly diagnosed Hazel's condition and was very vocal about that. It was the ortho vets that explained that since they see literally hundreds of these kinds of injuries a week, it was easy for them to spot the problem on the xrays whereas a general practice vet may only see a few during their whole career. The only anger that remained toward my normal vet was the fact that she never suggested an ortho specialist, even though she knew I wasn't convinced that her diagnosis was right. I made up for that though by guilting her into making house calls during Hazel's early days of recovery after her surgery. LOL

Good luck at the vet today, and I hope it's not an ACL injury.
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