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Originally Posted by BenMax View Post
I actually thought of you BM when I saw her...(funny isn't it) Only because she looks very yorkie. Funny looking gal - yorkie head with the Shih Zsu body!

Do you have any suggestions on feeding?
I bet shes a pretty girl.

Feeding.. hmm...

I would try wellness small breed formula.. I know she is on good food now, but the wellness small breeds kibble is small.And if you soak it it almost instantly swells up because it is so thin. But keely is doing very very good on the food. And her coat is great. She has good muscle tone and it keeps her at a good weight. Even if she were to eat it dry its very easy to chew it seems.

Maybe get a free sample?

Also, this stuff would do her some good. We've been using it (from a different suppplyer tho.)

I dont know if that would be better then soaking the food with water. Its actually very good for them. It doesnt take much of it to soften the wellness a little.

Im not suprised about her teeth.. Actually im surprised she has any at all.. Yorkies are proned to having terrible teeth.. And living in her situation I can only imagine how much worse the teeth situation was for her. Poor thing..
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