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Aww, good for you BenMax!!! She sounds like such a sweet little thing, I'm glad you found her.

As for what brands of food, I have no suggestions. Maybe the vet will be better able to let you know?

The only advice I have is that if the vet does decide to pull all her teeth, she won't be able to eat canned food the same that she is now. Generally the soft food clumps as they lick, which can make them have a heck of a time picking the clumps up if they have absolutley no teeth.

My suggestion would be to find something chunky in a gravy base that you can cut up so that she can use her tounge - like a frog to a fly - type of an idea. Does she refuse to eat the dry food, or have you tried her yet? I've known a few dogs that had no teeth that did a-ok on the dry and had no problems at all.
What do you think about wetting the dry kibble down and squishing it up with a fork?
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