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Red face Toothless foster dog needs to eat-but what?

I did it again.. I took in a poor little yorkie X shih zsu that has been used strictly for breeding who pathetically begged me to get her out. I did. I did notice a 'snaggle' tooth but did not inspect everything as it was impulsive on my part. I saw, felt horrible and took.

So my findings are as such:

Anywhere from 10+.
Huge teats that have been used over and over again
Pregnant? Not sure yet - vet visit tomorrow
Teeth (or there lack of): HORRIBLE. 6 teeth left. Snaggle tooth hanging and 2 front teeth barely hanging on. 2 rear teeth beyond recognition that they are actually teeth.
Anyways - just a mess.


Sweetest little soul that is learning everyday to be a happy little dog. Such a wonderful soul.

Now my question:

What the heck do I feed? It is apparent that kibble is not the way. I have been feeding her Merrick can which she goobles in no time. Not to be a cheapy (but I have to bring this up), this is costing me more than imaginable. About 1 can per day at $3.50 per can.

There has to be something more cost effective and even better for her. This is the best place to ask all my dog savvy food specialists.

So I need HELP. Anyone?

The vet will see the teeth and I have a feeling I already know the answer. I need to get myself and her ready.

Any suggestions....please..:sad:
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