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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
Oops, I should have mentioned that Cosequin is only available from your vet (or online). For the DHA, look for capsules of omega3 fish oil (I like sardine and anchovy, which I think is better than salmon for environmental reasons) without any added omega 6 or 9. Some good brands are Genuine Health, Natural Factor's, Nordic Naturals.....
Ah, that would be why I couldn't find it anywhere! The girl at the one supplement store was calling around to other stores for me, trying to find it and no one had even heard of it, lol.

14+, we do have a fair sized second story deck over our driveway which he frequently goes out on, he fell from it about a month ago and we've been reluctant to let him out very much lately. So today I went and bought some plastic garden fencing and put it over the rails so he can't slip through. Now he'll be able to lounge and hang out safely. And today my mom brought us a shallow rubbermaid bin with some sod in it so he can still have some grass under his feet/something to munch on when he's out there. Gotta love moms!

DH just came home from his 4 day boys weekend to find the loveseat covered in a tarp, the cushions strewn about and the slip covers soaking in every sink and tub in the house. He had a great weekend, I had one of the worst ever! I think I'll let him take over now. I need a mental break.
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