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I really have alot to think about, thanks so much to all of you for all of the advice.

I went out yesterday and bought a new type of litter with a cat attractant in it, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed there. I completely cleaned and sanitized their litter area and am in the process of tracking down any source of odours that could cause him to pee again.

Today I'm heading to the health food/vitamin store to find some cosequin, marshmallow root and perhaps some DHA.

14+,unfortunately due to the type of property we own, we can't build a cat run, a yard is on the list of needs for our next home.

I've been looking at our space and trying to determine how to divide things up with gates so he can feel secure in his lounging and playing without doggy interference.

Growler, I am totally willing to go to a homeo-vet. I can't believe I didn't think of this already!!!

Love4, there are no roaming cats in our neighburhood, so I don't think he's stressed in that way. And he has never actually sprayed, just urinated.

Khari, we are super vigilant about what we leave lying around and thought we knew his preferences for peeing. This time around he changed the rules on us. He used to only pee on things that were on the floor, so we never left clothes lying around, as long as they were up on the dresser or on top of the hamper, things were cool.

We have been using giant rubbermaids for a few years now, Angus would often over-shoot the smaller boxes and pee onthe wall, so tall rubbermaids were the solution.

I'll look into some of thoise things you listed as well.

Thanks so much everyone!!
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