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Washington. Most people don't know where it is though, It's pretty close to 6 flags. I need to find someone affordable because I will be paying for it and I really am tight on money at the moment and can't afford hundreds of dollars for a trainer. I do however think a trainer will really help the situation. It will teach my mom ways to get him to listen, which is what she is most frusturated about right now. He used to know a bunch of tricks like sit and lay down, but he un-learned them somehow (this was before I moved) and I can't get him to do those anymore, but he understands stay and he dances, it's really cute. He stands up on his back feet and spins around. He also loves fetch, he doesn't have to look far to find one of his toys to start a game with. I would really like it if he would do the basic tricks again and I want to teach him speak because I think that will help with the barking problem. Just need to work on the potty training now because that is the biggest problem right now (barking comes in second). Does anyone know why he will be laying down and then get up, walk over to the couch and pee and then go lay down again? He doesn't even let us know he has to go out, he just goes on the furnature. He has been fixed but he still marks everything. Does he just need to be crated and taken out alot, or is he maybe doing it for a reason...I need help solving this one...
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