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Change Dog Food

My guy was still not up to speed this morning so I called my Vet to see if there was something he would give me to help my doggies stomach. I talked to a technician and told her what happened and that I was changing dog foods. She said unless the Vet saw the dog there was nothing he would give me. I asked for an over the counter suggestion, she said there was nothing.

Then she asked why I had changed his food. I said because the food was bad, and asked if she ever looked at the ingredients. She became very quiet and asked, did the old food upset your dogs stomach like the new food is doing? I said no. She said well perhaps you should put your dog back on the food he was eating instead of giving him food that makes him sick. I saw RED and told her it made him itch all of the time and it made him fat and he couldnt lose any weight. She didn't offer any other suggestions, and she did not even tell me to ease him back on the old food, just go back to the old food period. I did not want to get into a fight or heated discussion with her but I certainly will tell the Vet about her attitude in two weeks when I take my dog in for blood tests he needs.

I am keeping him on the chicken w/rice & cottage cheese another night because he is still lacking any energy. He also hasn't pooped since Thursday night but hopefully he will when I walk him after dinner tonight. I would think with his current diet there really isn't a lot for him to get rid of. I hope I am right about that.
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