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My Eskimo has been on Fromm's Four Star - Salmon A La Veg and Duck and Sweet Potato since 9 months - he is now 5 and 1/2. Prior to that we were all thinking digestive enzyme - but the Fromms made all the difference to him. I don't give him the Chicken version - the Whitefish and Potato is fine but stinks - BUT the new Pork and Applesauce is a no-no for him - I think it is the applesauce. Maybe worth getting a sample to try. They also make a grain free Surf and Turf but it is high in fat - 30% so no way is my guy about to get that. For emergency purposes I keep 2 cans of Hills i/d on hand - and as expiry date approaches I donate and get 2 new ones. Have done this for 4years and finally used them 2 weeks ago - not for a tummy upset - he had dental work done - he loves the stuff. We did put him on the Hill's low calorie diet when he gained six excess pounds thanks to size of husband's treats to him - but that did not help him at all - actually just made him "go" more. Hope you find something that works. Since you are in U.S. finding Fromms should be easy - in Canada it was tough going - my groomer sells it and since it wasn't on the recall list it became a big seller and is now more readily available.
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