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Maybe I missed it, but what breed of dog do you have? Certainly if your dog is suffering from ACL or Patellar Luxation an ortho would be called for - BUT if your dog has disc disease you would need to see a Neuro - e.g. Dachshunds, many Shih Tzus, Beagle etc. - and a host of other breeds - says the person who used to have the neuro surgeon on speed dial. I am also in Toronto. I would see the specialists at the clinic on McMurrich - either neuro or ortho - your vet should be able to suggest which depending on dog breed. Actually if the proper X-Ray was taken by your regular vet she/he should know if there is a disc problem. Then there is Guelph - lovely Small Animal Clinic - you can go in daytime with a regular appointment with a referral from your regular vet - or at midnight for emergency surgery - again with vet referral - although at that time of night referral would have to come from the Emergency Vet in Toronto and they would fax through the info to Guelph and Guelph would call in the on-call surgeon. Been there, done that. Emergency surgery is more expensive at Guelph than regular surgery in Toronto by specialist - but then Toronto surgeons require a 24 hour work-up and if your dog doesn't have 24 hours, the road to Guelph is the way to go - with 50% upfront of estimated surgery cost payable by cash or credit card - or I guess care credit if you have it. So just ensure that you get your specialist right. We now have an American Eskimo - and there are a few Eskies who have developed disc problems - and I do not want to live through that again - has happened to us twice - surgeries etc. - but he is prone to Patellar or Luxation - so far so good - but I would have the surgery in a nanosecond - and by a specialist. If he needed the "special" ACL surgery he would have to go to McMurrich or Guelph - if not, because he weighs only 22 lbs., my vet now has a specialist not trained in the "special" surgery who comes to her clinic to do the surgeries. She used to do them herself, but there is so much to keep up with, a specialist is better. Now regular vets do a lot of dentistry - my guy just had this done. Hope all works out. By the way, if a Dachshund and limping is on front paw with no sign of anything in the paw, this is often an indication of neck disc disease - of course both my special guys had both back and neck - and a lot of people don't know about the neck problem and how it presents.
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