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Boiled Chicken or Orijen

I thought I had access to both of the food brands you recommended but I do not. I only have access to EVO, so I bought a small bag of it. First, my dogs potty was starting to get a little firm so instead of completely stopping the Natural Balance, I mixed the natural balance with the EVO. 3/4 natural balance to 1/4 EVO. He ate this for two days, his poop was still soft but not watery. But the second night after having this for dinner he came in after his after dinner walk and threw his dinner up. It has been very hot here so I thought maybe we walked him too soon after eating his dinner in the heat. He cooled down, seemed fine, so I fed him again, of course he was hungry.

The next night he seemed fine, then at dinner time I gave him his food, he started eating slowly which was my first clue, then he didn't finish it, BIG second clue something was wrong. I had fed him earlier this night so there was more time between eating and his nightly walk. Later on that night he did finish his dinner but I noticed he was panting harder than usual, this was Wednesday night. I got on the internet and found this to be a sign of stomach problem or at the least a bad signal.

I cooked rice, already had cottage cheese and I started him on that first thing Thursday morning. I defrosted chicken I had and boiled it and he had that along with rice and cottage cheese last night, (Thursday night). He seemed a little better last night the panting was less but not spry at all.

This morning(Friday) I gave him rice, little bits of chicken, and cottage cheese, he will not eat yogurt. He still seems very down and not feeling well. Does an upset system last this long? I am so worried that I have really made him very sick. The internet said to feed him this diet for a couple of days then slowly introduce his regular diet. If he isn't any better by the morning should I take him to the Vet or is this time frame normal when a dogs system gets upset when one changes foods too soon? I am watching him like a hawk for any other signs. He didnt want to go on his morning walk, so we made it short for just relief. Is there anything else I can do for him. He does drink water, I can see him every minute and I watch for his water intake. Thank you for any help or advice you can give me.
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