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Hazel - thank you for the idea! I order quite a bit of stuff from Drs F&S so will look there. I generally hate shopping but love to go to PetCo and Petsmart. The girls love it too but they have to take turns going because four at once quickly becomes a circus.

Helene4 - at Kalou staring at you to wake you up! I am so sorry for your loss Thank you for your support in my decision - what good is six months more for my girl if she can't enjoy life?

ScottieDog - I never thought of baby changing pads! I teared up when you said you pulled the mattress to the floor to sleep beside your dog - oh how we love our dogs. I am sorry for your loss also. Before there was a definite diagnosis for Lodi, I had already decided not to put her through any more than what was necessary to keep her comfortable. If more aggressive treatment would give her several more good years, I would do it in a heartbeat but I refuse to make her miserable for what time she has left.
My purpose is to make her as happy as she can possibly be, and yes, to cherish every moment with her.

And to all of you, thank you so much for your empathy, advice and support. Only dog moms understand and don't get all grossed out when we wake up with dog pee on us!
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