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Originally Posted by Kitty32 View Post
I just found a present for me in his litterbox! Yeah!! (Is it strange to be this excited about poop?)
You would be amazed at just how exciting poop is around here! Glad that Zeus finally went. A few years ago, my now deceased cat, Egypt, hadn't gone for a couple of days, and for him that was very unusual. Thinking he was constipated and might need an enema, I made an appointment at the emergency clinic for that evening. Well he must have known what was in store for him because as soon as I got off the phone, he took a huuuuuuge poo, proudly leaving it unburied for me to admire. I had a good laugh with the receptionist about it when I called her back 2 minutes later to cancel.

Originally Posted by Kitty32 View Post
Zeus didn't have the greatest start in life and I just want to make sure he is always happy and healthy.
Thanks for adopting the poor guy, and for being so concerned with his wellbeing. If only all pet-parents were so caring! Got any pics of him yet that you can share?
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