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Originally Posted by Kitty32 View Post
I should mention that Zeus is a little overweight. He is currently about 17.5 pounds and should probably only be about 15 (he is a bigger framed cat.) The first week I got him I had the vet examine him and he received a clean bill of health. The vet recommended that I keep him on this diet for now since he is getting a lot more exercise and is not being free-fed anymore.
What dry food is he eating? If he's overweight, it's even more important to get him off of the kibble and on to wet food only. It's actually dry food that causes many cats to become fat in the first place. Please please please read this link: (and just an adendum - most vets don't really know that much about feline nutrition, so I would take what they say with a grain of salt).

Originally Posted by Kitty32 View Post
Since I have seen him drinking from his water bowl on many occasions, I would be very surprised to find that he is dehydrated. .
That's actually a sign that he could be dehydrated. Cats have a low thirst drive and by the time they feel like drinking, they're already dehydrated. They evolved in the desert, where they received all of their moisture requirements WITH the juicey live prey that they caught. This relativley recent trend of feeding cats dry nuggets of cereal has caused a huge increase in medical problems such as obesity, diabetes, kidney disease, dental disease, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, and blocked urinary tracts. I can't recommend strongly enough that Zeus needs a diet change.
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