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Changing Dog Foods, Boiled Chicken and Rice

Thank you for answering my last questions. I was wondering about the boiled chicken and rice. Can I steam the chicken over water in a steamer basket? I've never done it but wondered if possible? Also, I was reading that Cottage Cheese can be used to calm the dogs stomach. Have you used this instead of yogurt? I am more convinced that a raw diet is the way to go but with the little knowledge I have at this point I want to get his stomach calm, then I can start learning about a raw diet and ease him into that. I was reading about the lack of moisture in kibble and how terrible it is on the dog. I am thinking about adding a little canned food on top once he is good with the change, do any of you think this is a good idea? So many questions come up I am sorry to be so needy. I cannot believe all the information that I dont know! Thanks again.
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