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First, I want to let you know I am so sorry that your beloved Lodi is facing this awful disease. It is difficult caring for a critically ill pet.

I faced urination issues with a dog who had recurrent urinary tract infections, suspected bladder cancer and finally kidney failure. I found the waterproof baby changing pads and waterproof baby crib mattress covers (unfitted without elastic if you can find them) to be so helpful. I found these at Walmart, Kmart and Target type stores, but baby stores would have them as well. These are soft, waterproof and washable. After my dog's bladder surgery, I put these under her zippered bed cover and even placed them over her bed with a soft towel on top. Her pain medications made her sleep so soundly, she would urinate on herself. She had bad knees and I couldn't let her on the bed--but I so understand--we pulled a mattress off the bed and slept in the floor with her. Another option is a doggie diaper with a sanitary napkin in it to catch the urine. For the "oops" times, I also found that Simple Solution cleaned the stains and odors. It can also be used in the laundry when you wash bedding.

I hope you have more quality time. Sending you my best.

The pads look similar to this, but come in larger sizes:
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