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Results thus far - Wow!

Thought you guys might want an update!

So we crated her the first night, which she handled pretty well actually, and in the morning, we took her out to the balcony, and BAM. She went right away. First time ever. We layed on the praise pretty thick!
From that point there has been only two or three mistakes. And they were indeed due to our giving her the wrong chances. That's pretty awesome!
Now, we take her out at bedtime, and first thing in the morning, and she is going like clockwork! The expectation of her favorite treats certainly helps!
If she goes number 1 and 2 at bedtime, we don't always crate her, since she seems to only go a couple times in each 24 hour day. I think she has a huge bladder.

I am quite impressed. I had no idea she was so capable of learning. And she really loves the routine, because she KNOWS what to do to please us! It's all quite amazing!

Thanks so much for the help!!!
Now I have to figure out how to get more of her freeze-dried liver treats shipped to us here in Lloydminster... Time to call in a favor!

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