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Mast Cell Tumor

Lodi, my 11 1/2 year old dachshund mix, was diagnosed on June 29th with a Grade III mast cell tumor. This all happened so fast. On June 3rd I noticed a growth the size of a small marble in her lower left abdomen. To make a long story short I am skipping all the details about the vet visits (which is another story in itself ) and by June 19th the tumor was the size of a ping-pong ball with "bruising" all over her tummy. On June 22nd, the tumor was removed with the diagnosis a week later. I have decided not to take any other measures (chemo, radiation) because of the very short term outcomes promised and I believe in quality over quantity plus on the way home from getting the tumor removed, I promised Lodi that she did not have to have any more surgeries or medical procedures done. She is on prednisone and Tagamet to keep her comfortable and she is doing very well.
I know some of the signs I need to be watching for that will signal when I must help her to Rainbow Bridge. I know that she will stop eating, may get diarrhea and vomiting but I want to know more. She has been drinking more water due to the prednisone and last night she peed the bed (all four dogs sleep with me). I woke up with my nightgown wet and my first thought was that she had died. She was fine, thank goodness, but seemed unconcerned that she was laying in urine. I was wondering if peeing the bed is part of the cancer (I hate that word!) or due to the prednisone. I would like to hear about other's experiences with this disease. I am devastated by the thought of losing her - I always thought she would die of old age.
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