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Those stats are just are just heartbreaking.:sad:

And then there are kitty angels like you (and doggieangels too) who do their darndest to make sure they get a life and don't become a statistic.

I don't understand how someone could lose a pet and not go looking for them. I know I would be searching high and low until I was dead in a gutter if one of my crew went missing.

And about the sick and feral rooms, I just learnt about that this spring. A woman was looking for someone to drive her to the HS to see if her cat was there. She had no vehicle, and our HS is a bit on the "no man's land". So I answered her reply and took her. She was the one who said to check the sick and feral rooms, I said "what??" and she explained to me about the other rooms they keep strays in. Why doesn't the HS make this bit of knowledge known to people looking for their animals? I know in my few trips to the HS I have seen people looking and looking at the three cat rooms, and then leaving dissapointed. They may have been looking for their cat but didn't know about the other rooms. And I don't mean this to be rude, but the front desk at my HS doesn't have the most friendly approachable staff. I remember when my cat Peanut died from a stroke. I went looking for a new friend for Amos and I got picked by Phoebe. I had her in my arms, cuddling her and the lady asked how old my other cat was and what happened to her....I said she was just one year old and died......and the woman ripped Pheobe out of my arms........then I added because I was so rudely cut off....she died of a stroke, vet said she was lucky at how good I must have taken care of her because she shouldn't have lived that long. With that the lady was clearly embarrassed.....and went through the adoption process quickly.

Sorry for the bit off tangent.....but so many people don't know....I was one of them. Thanks for the info!!
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