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Originally Posted by clm View Post
To be a tad negative, I don't think a lot of people try all that hard to find their kitties, or a whole lot more than 120 would have been returned to their owners. Loads of people just turn them loose when they move or are tired of them.

I totally agree. I also know from this site and knowing people who have unsuccessfully looked for their cats that people DO look.

There were more stats than what I gave. Of that 7900 almost 5000 were PTS. Approx 1/3 of those were owners request. Either because they no longer wanted the cat or because their cat had been turned in but it had been injured too severly to help it. :sad: Now that is a stat I find disturbing. The rest that were put down were because they were deemed unadoptable or feral. That is within 3 days of coming into the system. So please, pass the word. Check the other rooms. You just never know.

And people wonder why I find it hard to find homes for my guys with stats like this. :sad:
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