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Originally Posted by CearaQC View Post
Basically you can just pack them tight in the jar almost up to the lid line, leaving the right space at the top, pour in boiling water, salt optional. Remove any air bubbles, seal with the hot lid and ring and process in pressure canner for somewhere between 10-20 minutes in 15 psi for pint jars, probably longer for quart jars.

I'm not sure on the amount of time, but that's basically it. Peas too don't take long either.

We used to pick bushels and bushels of beans in our family garden when we were kids and mom would plunk us down on the floor surrounded with newspaper and a giant bowl, put on a good old movie like a western and my brothers and I would sit there shelling/snapping beans all afternoon. Then when our bowls were full mom would take them and process right away. Jars would sit on the counter all night long to cool. It was fun putting food away like that. I wish everyone could do it.

But anyhow that's how my mom does it.
Thanks, that sounds pretty easy. Except, I don't have a pressure canner. Would it work doing them in boiling water do you think? That's how I make apple jelly and grape jelly. I boil them up good and when they come out the lids snap down. Or I wonder if they'd even need to be boiled if they have boiling water poured over them? When I do dilled pickles I just pour the boiling brine solution over them put the lids on and turn them upside down and then leave them overnight to cool. The next day I turn them rightside up and check that they've all sealed. That's the way an old friend of my mom's used to do it and how I learned to make them.
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